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From “Shark Lady” to shark soup

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt Shark news update! While beachgoers in Florida worry about a shark attack off St. Augustine, shark behavior research goes strong. First — A shameless plug. I had to investigate when I ran into a reference to Dr. … Continue reading

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The science and magic of hybrid animals

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt Let’s start with the basics: sperm and egg. When an animal sperm cell meets an egg cell, it has to pass a test. The proteins on the surface of the sperm cell must bind with proteins on … Continue reading

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Same-sex squid aren’t that unique

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt A couple weeks ago, news outlets like The New York Times and The Guardian reported on the discovery that a species of deep sea squid is as likely to mate with squids of the same sex as squids … Continue reading

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Shark claspers and under-water erections

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt Tomorrow is Bug Sex Friday on the blog, but here’s a fun fact to entertain you until then: Unlike humans, sharks do not depend on blood flow to get erections. Male sharks actually allow sea water to … Continue reading

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